How to Reach Us


North Chelmsford Water District
64 Washington Street/PO BOX 655
North Chelmsford, MA 01863-0655


Phone: 978-251-3931
Fax: 978-251-1181
Or email us


7:00am - 3:30pm
Monday - Friday except Holidays


Bruce Clark Water Commissioner/Chairman
Robert Leavitt Water Commissioner/Clerk
Leslie Adams Water Commissioner
Bruce Harper, Sr. Superintendent
Christine McCarthy, CMMT Treasurer/Office Manager



William Jones, Jr.
Gene Silva
Robert Cossette
John Daughraty

John Viegas

Eliana Morales                     


All full-time Employees are Massachusetts Drinking Water Supply Facilities Certified Operators.


If you have an emergency outside of office hours, please call the Water Department at 978-251-3931 and the answering service will page our on-call personnel for fast response.

News and Announcements

Selling your Home or Business

Are you selling your home or business? Please contact the District office no later than one week prior to the date of closing so a Final Water Meter reading can be done. When you contact us we will request the following information:

  • Date of Closing
  • Address of property you are selling
  • Buyer's Name
  • Closing Attorney's Name, Phone, and Fax numbers


Are you moving to a new location but will still own property within the North Chelmsford Water District bounds? Please remember to contact the office directly with your updated mailing address. We do not receive address updates from the Town of Chelmsford or Town of Tyngsboro.

By providing your new mailing address, your bills will reach you in a timely manner helping you to avoid late fees and/or Shut-off Notices.

The 2012 Consumer Confidence Report is now available for viewing and/or download from this website. Hard copies of the report will be mailed with the July 2013 Water bills.

The District has recently been made aware that a company operating under the name of "HomeServe" has been mailing out applications for Water Line Service Coverage Insurance Policies.

The North Chelmsford Water District does not recommend paying for this type of policy. As your water supplier we are responsible for the safety of your water supply. If an emergency should arise we have a 24-hr emergency contact line and staff on-call. If you should have an issue with your water line you are considered a priority. Also, only employees of the North Chelmsford Water District are authorized to perform repairs to any and all parts of the system up to the customers meter.

Please view the following attachment to see an actual application received by one of our water takers:

userfiles/Homeserve Letters.pdf

If you have any questions regarding these recent mailings by "HomeServe" please contact our office at 978.251.3931.

The North Chelmsford Water District is pleased to announce the long anticipated Bomil Water Treatment Facility has been placed online as of June 6, 2011! From this point forward the water you receive from your tap will have been processed through the Treatment Facility. You should begin to see an improvement in the quality of your drinking water over the next several months. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 978.251.3931 or send us an email at